Property Overview Consulting and advisory services

Our clients include property consultants, fund managers, private equity and hedge funds, focussing on all areas of commercial and residential real estate.

Our advice is honest and clear.

We aim to work with family offices, investment managers, asset managers, property consultants, data(base) providers and advisory businesses on a broad range of issues.

Our work aims to bring experience and diversity of thought to your group, helping to raise its potential by unpacking, (re-)building and developing your business in a clear and robust way, challenging the status quo where necessary and never accepting “market practice” as a rationale for a way of doing things.


Property Overview Expertise.

Our exceptional team of outstanding individuals help us to deliver the quality, expertise and insight we strive for. Due to our complimentary skill sets our team can cover a wide range of requests. We provide management consultancy services but also write though-leadership pieces, we can provide research reports that can be white-labelled and advise on data in its many forms. We cover residential and commercial including leasing and investment, debt and equity.

We offer insight and expertise on strategic property investment or asset management advice, capital markets or property finance & funding advice, risk management and management consultancy. For more details on our capabilities please continue reading and do not forget to check out our team.

Property Overview offers expertise in property. Our team members have worked in the property industry for many decades in many different parts of the sector. We also offer insight across locations such as the UK, Continental Europe and globally, in residential and commercial in equity as well as debt.

Our rich and varied backgrounds ensure that we can provide excellent consultancy on a wide range of topics. A holistic approach can be taken enabling us to add real value. As you know, often the total is more than the sums of its parts.

We are available for short-term contracts as well as more complex projects of a longer-term nature. Pricing will depend on the length of contract and the expertise required. Please talk us through your requirements and expectations on deliverables and deadlines.

Property Overview offers substantial professional indemnity and liability insurance for its made-to-measure consultancy projects. We can tailor the deliverable around you and what is required. We can do this as we understand your needs and as we have an amazing wealth of insight, knowledge and experience to offer.

We strive for timely delivery to a high standard, along with its other core values such as being flexible, practical and insightful.

Our team covers a wide range of consultancy projects, for example on:

  • Commercial property investment, asset management, development & finance
  • Debt or investment (buy-side) brokerage
  • Residential property including BTR development, development finance, & PRS investment strategy & asset management advice
  • Property & asset management
  • Business plan development, capital raising, facilitating business change
  • Investment approach and process
  • Investment strategy & capital markets,
  • Investment risk & investment risk management
  • Research and strategy/strategic property advice
  • Market analysis
  • Management consultancy
  • Risk management
  • Property finance & funding advice
  • Financial modelling, cash-flow advice (inputs, production of systems, use of outputs)
  • Performance measurement & attribution
  • Property taxation modelling
  • Property systems and data
  • Indirect investing such as through REITS and derivatives
  • Valuations & valuation audit


Typical engagements

  • Helping an investor establish a strategy and process to reach their specific goals in the simplest and most certain way
  • Buy-side brokerage of Pan-European investment opportunities
  • Providing research into the best route of market entry or refocusing of business activity
  • Providing business development/market positioning advice
  • Setting up databases and data tools
  • Advice on the use of technology and the future of the business
  • Providing research and strategy support to in-house teams, tackling projects where internal resources are insufficient and where gains are to be made from thoughtful interventions
  • Working with an emerging investment manager to help develop their corporate and investment governance to win business for their first fund/mandate
  • Working alongside an asset manager to deliver a new business plan for the portfolio, leasing or disposal strategy, workout scenarios,
  • Helping an investor to renegotiate asset management terms, loan agreements to optimise the investment strategy and deliver better returnsPlease contact us for further information.

Previous engagements:

White-labelling reports and thought leadership papers

Writing investment strategy reports for an international fund manager with practical advice in a world affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, advising on what to buy, why, where and when, where value and resilience can be found, what tenants want.

For another client we set up quarterly property market reports on the office, retail and industrial & distribution market focusing on leasing and investment. Solid data collection, building up databases and added-value analysis with reports for C-Suite clients and departments across the business.


Sizeable assets or portfolios being marketed to a select group of investors, buy side-advisory incurring a buy-side fee.

Tool and database set-up

Creation of a flexible data tool for a group of international valuers allowing insight and analysis across the commercial property markets. For a property consultant set up databases with key real estate market data, allowing flexible data analysis and strong insight. Graphics and tables provide insight instantly in a flexible manner.

Business strategy advice

Looking at the change impacting fund managers from the move of defined contribution pensions to defined benefit pensions, and what this means for the business and what action needs to be taken.

Help set up real estate funds, help set up fund marketing including the creation of materials, contacts database, setting up the process, project management of the set-up

Market analysis for new UK market entrants, dissecting the needs of UK customers and categorising the customer base. Unique insight was provided into a new and little understood growth market, and connections with possible clients were facilitated.

In Germany, Europe’s largest residential investment company – at the time owned by a Private Equity Fund – was given advice on the activities of the business and the part selling of residential assets was halted and a new focus on asset management created. Change management was successful. The business managed to grow strongly and thrive, not only becoming Europe’s largest residential investor but also achieving strong returns.

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