Charles, and enthusiastic and experienced PRS fund manager has been active through Fairhurst Associates since 1994. He founded Fairbridge, an institutional PRS investment fund,  in June 2001. The fund exit completed in October 2016. Charles ran this PRS fund from cradle to grave: from funding, sourcing and managing suitable stock, tenants and costs to the exit route.

Charles  has in-depth understanding of the letting and investment side, the parties in the market and what to buy where. He also has a thorough grip on the numerous regulations and legislations impacting on institutional PRS activity.

Charles has a great overview of the Institutional PRS but is also strong on detail, so you can ask him almost anything and receive a detailed answer back. With his friendly, calm and humorous nature he makes a wonderful trainer and consultant who is very keen to share his knowledge and experience with you.

Specialisms: UK PRS (Multi-Family) fund management & PRS investment, governance, regulation & compliance, strategy, asset management, property management.

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