Nicole has more than 16 years’ worth of experience in real estate finance. Nicole is a Senior Research Fellow – Project Director – Property Lending Research at Cass Business School. Before this she was a Research Fellow at De Montfort University, and has worked in property research, strategy and performance measurement. Nicole provides training and consultancy for Property Overview.

Nicole worked previously as a Vice President within the loan re-structuring and workout division at Deutsche Bank and Deutsche Postbank. She also held positions in European CMBS loan origination at Citigroup and real estate structured finance ratings at Moody’s Investor Service. Past guest lecturer at Oxford University.

Nicole is currently the author of the Cass Commercial Real Estate Lending Report, which recently celebrated in its 20th year. A Spanish RE Lending Survey is also being set up, and results from a feasibility study are launched on 17th Oct 2019 in Madrid.  The UK CRE Lending Survey is the most comprehensive report into commercial real estate lending in the UK comprising lending data on loan terms from 80+ lenders.  Nicole is also author of the book ‘Assessing real estate risk – applied models, concepts, methods’.  She holds a PhD from the University of Reading.

Specialisms: Property lending, deal execution, risk & recovery specialist: RE debt sourcing & structuring, finance & funding advice or analysis, NPL work-out strategies, CMBS loan origination, rating for CMBS/CRE loans, rating methodology, Basel II IRBA, deal & loan structuring, index construction, benchmarking, aspects of asset management, RE debt consultancy & advisory, financial modelling, risk management.