Philip Walker is a RICS Registered Valuer with European-wide experience working for a variety of clients. These include major commercial consultancies, debt and equity investors, banks and family trusts. He covers the UK and continental European commercial property markets.

Until 2014 Philip was an External Examiner for the BSc Land Management and Valuation courses at the University of Reading.  He is also the immediate past chairman of the Argus/Circle Investor User Group, a task he fulfilled for 15 years from 1996.

Philip is also on the RICS Red Book Editorial Board. The ‘red book’ is the handbook that governs the mandatory valuation standards for Chartered Surveyors operating throughout the world.

Philip aims to present well researched and independent advice, including valuations, in his day-to-day job. For the course ‘understanding valuations’ he aims to provide insight and clarity on the basics of valuation methods and procedures, and the jargon involved.

Like all trainers, Philip is friendly, approachable and patient, and with real enthusiasm for the profession and its future. This is something he hopes will rub off somewhat on the course attendees.

Specialisms: Property valuations, UK and continental Europe, valuation audit, consulting

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