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A half day course for those who have a particular interest in understanding ratings & ratings methodologies used for structured real estate bonds and real estate loan portfolios, or those keen to understand key rating drivers and how to manage relationships with rating agencies.

The course will benefit those that work in investment and fund management and are thinking of investing in real estate as an asset class or already have invested in real estate equity or debt.  The course is also beneficial for those working for companies investing across asset classes, in fund administration, reporting and compliance, or who have clients that do so.

The course appeals to those who work in roles as diverse as research, acquisition, real estate analysis, property consultancy, fund management, investment management, data/systems, lawyers/legal, auditing and accountancy.



Introduction to ratings & ratings methods

This is a half-day course to provide a basic understanding of ratings and rating agency methodology. The course explains the use of ratings and rating agency methodologies for structured real estate bonds and real estate loan portfolios. It discusses key rating drivers and how to manage relationships with rating agencies, and we make you comfortable with the content of a rating and monitoring report and the terminology used in these. This course enables all participants to have better informed and more confident conversations with colleagues and clients.

Taught by Nicole Lux, Cass Business School, PhD

What you will learn:
• Understand the key rating drivers of your portfolio of structured real estate loans and real estate bonds
• What will change your rating up or down for structured real estate bonds and loans?
• What are the differences between rating agency approaches: their methodologies explained
• Understand the content and structure of a rating report and monitoring reports
• Get to grips with all the relevant terminology
• How to manage relationships with rating agencies

When this short course is booked jointly with a second short course a discount of 20% applies (£848pp + VAT for 2 short courses)

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Introduction to ratings & ratings methods


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