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A 1-day face-to-face course for those who work at debt providers, institutional investors and property developers using or considering using debt, as well as service providers such as database and software providers keen to understand the nuts and bolts and the jargon related to commercial and residential real estate debt.

Prior knowledge of the debt market is not required, but it is recommended that attendees have the knowledge as taught in the course ‘An Introduction to Property‘. The only item you are requested to bring is a pen. Detailed course book provided on the day. 

To book fill in this course fill in our booking form or email cleo@propertyoverview.co.uk


Understanding RE Debt – £795pp+VAT

Understanding Real Estate debt offers 4 core modules in this senior practitioner-led training course. This will provide the attendee with a solid knowledge foundation on property debt lending. The first module looks at the supply and use of debt in property investment, in particular the motivations for its use and who the key providers are in commercial and residential. We offer a balanced view, explaining the positives and negatives for those providing and using debt.

Subsequently we look at the place of real estate debt in the 4 quadrants of capital, the market players in private and public debt, the capital structure and associated risk profile. A case study brings the course material to life. In module three we dive into even more debt-specific jargon and we look at the interplay of risk, return and leverage. In the final module we guide you through negotiating the term sheet, risk assessments, the exit and a case study game that will tie all the theory together via real-life examples. Along the way course will explain the jargon you need to know at ever step of the way.

Attendees are expected to have mastered the knowledge as taught in the course ‘an Introduction to Property’

Detailed course book provided on the day.

Taught by Jonathan Monnickendam and Cleo Folkes. This course can also be booked as an in-house course.
To book this course, or for more information, email cleo@propertyoverview.co.uk or fill in the booking form.

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In-House Course on Understanding RE Debt

We have a large range of modules available and courses can be done with or without excel exercise as you wish. We have pre-selected the most impactful modules, four of which make up the public training course day. Another module exist looking at regulatory impact on Commercial Real Estate lending such as the Basel regulation. You can also select financial and risk modelling modules, a module on legal securities in real estate finance (including details on setting financial covenants), or look in-depth at Mortgage bonds (Pfandbrief) and other securities, CMBS structuring & default modelling. 

Detailed course book provided on the day. 

Taught by senior practitioner Jon Monnickendam (see ‘Team’)
To book email cleo@propertyoverview.co.uk

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Property Overview offers competitively priced training courses with unique practitioner-led content. Applied, relevant content leads to greater impact and value-for-money. Pricing below is shown for on-line public courses for individual bookings, and for on-line in-house courses.

For bookings of 4 or more staff an in-house course is recommended, also as the content can be tailored around your needs and your products or services.

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Understanding RE Debt – £795pp+VAT


• Price per person
• UK VAT @ 20%
(where applicable)
In-House Course on Understanding RE Debt

£3,500 per day
£4,500 for 1 ½ days

• Choose from 4 (1 day) or 6 modules (1½ days)
• Includes 6 attendees, £50pp + VAT surcharge applies thereafter
• UK pricing, prices upon application for courses taught abroad.

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