1-day course which equally suits those working for investor landlords – whether directly or as a service provider – as those working for companies taking commercial property space who need to understand the leasing process better.

    • Designed for senior professionals, managers and directors who have a responsibility and strategic influence over their organisation’s operational leasehold properties.
    • Designed for those involved in the leasing process for landlords looking to understand the leasing process in all its intricacies.

This course, taught by an experienced, friendly practitioner sharing insight and experience, helps the attendee to understand what drives occupiers and landlords in the letting process, what decisions and negotiations they face and how to avoid pitfalls. As usual lots of jargon will be explained during the day, set in context with plenty of examples and anecdotes to bring the theory to life in an engaging, approachable manner.

Course taught by Panikkos Euripides MRICS who has over 15 years worth of experience advising tenants on taking commercial property space


Understanding Commercial Property Leasing

1-day course aimed at those working for investors – directly or indirectly – and those working for SME tenants requiring the knowledge to achieve a more advantageous lease agreement and leasing process from start to lease expiry.

The course explains what tenants want and why, and how it is done. In one day we cover the technical, legal, commercial and practical aspects of leasing commercial property using real life case study examples and will take the attendee through the full commercial leasing process from start to finish. This course will help the delegate to understand the main methods and tools for adding value and mitigating risk, whether seen from the point of a landlord or occupier. Taught by Panikkos Euripides, MRICS, author of the book “Commercial Leases Made Easy”.

See content Next Date Available: Fri 17 Jan & Mon 6 Apr 2020 | Location: London


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Understanding Commercial Property Leasing

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