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A course providing a 360° view of property development in 1 day. Take in why and how you would develop, the parties involved, how you go from durable design and land acquisition, planning and construction to marketing and exit route. Viability studies, issues and risks to consider, the key elements of success and letting up are an example of modules available.

This course is aimed at those who work at lenders, investors, developers, debt funds in part investing in development debt, service providers, database and software providers who touch upon property development. In this course, led by an seasoned, friendly practitioner, we teach theory and practice. Jonathan Monnickendam shares his insight and expertise on real estate development. Key modules for the course are

  • Development v Standing Investment
  • Why Would You Develop?
  • The parties in the market & key job roles explained
  • Internal Challenges: Project Management, Timespan, Business Culture, Uncertainty
  • Pre-construction: Durable Design & Planning
  • Debt & Equity, Pros and Cons
  • Construction: Land Pricing & Procurement, Costing and Operational Risk
  • Marketing, Letting and Income
  • Marketing & Investment Exit

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Understanding Property Development – Theory & Practice

This introductory course provides 360° foundation knowledge on property development, taught by a seasoned and friendly practitioner, Jonathan Monnickendam. Due to his in-depth knowledge he can share insight and expertise, theory and practice.

The course will provide insight to why you would develop, the process of developing, from durable design, sourcing land through to development, letting up or exit route. We get you familiar with the risks attached to developing and how you manage those risks, the difficulty with property cycles, how you source and price land, project management and construction, budgets, business case vs valuation, debt and equity, the key roles that people play, we make you familiar with lots of jargon and the drivers and influencers in a development process.

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Property Overview offers competitively priced training courses with unique practitioner-led content, and all courses can be tailor-made to your requirements and structured for example around some of your holdings as useful case studies.

Applied, relevant content leads to greater impact and value-for-money. This course can be combined with ‘Understanding RE Debt’ and/or with CRE Debt Practitioner part 2 (advanced modelling). To book one or two individual spaces fill in the booking form, otherwise email cleo@propertyoverview.co.uk

For bookings of 4 or more staff an in-house course is recommended, also as the content can be tailored around your needs and your products or services.

Understanding Property Development – Theory & Practice



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