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Retail property training course aimed at

  • Professionals working in supporting functions within retailers and retail investors or service providers. Essential in improving awareness of how an employer’s business or how that of their client operates;
  • Generalist property professionals working in investment, research, location analysis, development, data or software provision, valuation or lending functions. Especially those with limited retail property-specific education, one-sided experience or with little prior exposure to retail property and who would like to understand the fundamentals of this sub-sector.



Understanding Retail Property

Retail used to be one of the safest asset classes to invest in with on average longer leases signed, fewer breaks being enacted and leases more often renewed plus the rents being more stable compared to offices, industrial and logistics. That old wisdom has somewhat been turned on its head with the threat of on-line retailing affecting quite a few types of retailers and locations, and with other threats such as thinning margins and rising Business Rates.

Many investors have pulled away from retail as they do not understand the sector so well or as they now question the sector’s long-term growth prospects. Banks lend less on retail property whilst UK investors increasingly look for alternatives.

Retailers, data and service providers, analysts and investors are trying to make sense of – and keep up with – the changes and feel somewhat confused on the strength of retailers and the retail property investment proposition.

This course is designed to provide the basic information on what retail property is, what types there are and what types of retailers occupy it and how they occupy it, what makes retailers and retail property tick, what types are under threat, coping or even thriving, and what is the future likely to hold.

This course will show you retail and retail property investment warts and all, for high street, retail parks and shopping centres. We will look at things like differentiation, innovation, retailtainment, commercialisation branding, megamalls, anchor tenants, retail mix, dwell times, catchment areas, turnover leases, marketing strategy, asset vs property manager and more.

In a grand finale we finish off with a real-life case study that bring all the strands together and brings everything taught during the day to life. Detailed course manual is supplied on the day.

Taught by Matthew Hopkinson and Cléo Folkes.

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In-House Course on Retail Property

Tailor-made foundation knowledge course for those working in retail property or with retail property clients, or those curious to find out more about what makes retail tick and where investment opportunities lie.

The course is designed by a senior practitioner with hands-on experience who understands what clients want. An extensive selection of course modules exist and content can be created, added to or abbreviated as required, or worked around your business product.

Taught by Matthew Hopkinson and Cléo Folkes.

To book email cleo@propertyoverview.co.uk or fill in our booking form

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Understanding Retail Property


• One day course + UK VAT
(where applicable)
In-House Course on Retail Property


• In the UK a 1-Day tailor-made course is £2,995 + VAT
with any module flexibly available to include/refocus.
Additional charge for courses taught abroad


The course providing an introduction to retail property was a valuable training session that provided a clear overview of the fundamentals of retail property and in-depth supporting material for future reference

Matthew Soffair, Legal & General IM