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A 1-day on-line course for those who amongst other work in or with unlisted (private equity) real estate funds and vehicles in roles as diverse as research, acquisition, real estate analysis, property consultancy, fund management, data/systems, lawyers/legal, auditing and accountancy.  The course is also beneficial for those working for insurance companies, pension funds, SWFs, Family Offices, Banks and other investment companies, as well as service providers such as database and software providers keen to understand the nuts and bolts of the non-listed real estate investment landscape. The course analyses vehicles and funds across the UK and Continental Europe, and provides context on the rest of the world.


Understanding Unlisted Real Estate

A 1-day course providing a thorough understanding of UK and European unlisted (private equity) real estate looking at fund and vehicle types, the place of non-listed in a portfolio depending on the investor, private real estate market structure, routes to entry, vehicle structuring, fund management, portfolio construction, performance & risk management, European compliance & regulation and a thorough run through of all jargon. Taught by Kaushik Shah, a tremendously experienced practitioner (ex-PGIM, amongst others.

The course consist of 4 modules starting with what non-listed property investment can add to an existing portfolio including the positives and negatives, how in the UK & Europe the private real estate market is structured, we look at the different vehicles and fund structures, followed by a second module explaining the many aspects of fund management and portfolio construction. The third module focuses on performance and risk measurement. The fourth module gives an overview of European compliance & regulation related to real estate unlisted (Private Equity) Funds. We will also touch on funds in Asia-Pacific, North America and a brief look at debt funds.

Taught by Kaushik Shah, a senior practitioner.

What you will learn:
• How fund and portfolio managers structure a real estate portfolio containing private (unlisted) equity funds
• How to manage a portfolio is unlisted private real estate vehicles
• Understand regulatory requirements for investing across Europe in non-listed (private) property funds and the impact of a loss of passporting rights
• Set up risk monitoring processes and practices for real estate private equity funds

See content Next Date Available: Thu 8 Sept or 1 December 2022 | Location: on-line or C. London (tbc)

In-house course on non-listed real estate

Tailor-made foundation knowledge course for those working in or with unlisted property funds and vehicles, or those curious to find out more about what makes Real Estate Private Equity Funds and vehicles tick and where investment opportunities lie. We explain this essential quadrant of the ‘4 quadrants’ of the capital markets.

The course is designed by a senior practitioner with hands-on experience who understands what clients want. An extensive selection of course modules exist and content can be created, added to or abbreviated as required, or worked around your business product.

Taught by Cléo Folkes, a highly experienced real estate practitioner with experience in fund management amongst others.

To book email cleo@propertyoverview.co.uk or fill in our booking form

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For bookings of 4 or more staff an on-line in-house course is recommended, also as the content can be tailored around your needs and your products or services. To book this email cleo@propertyoverview.co.uk

Understanding Unlisted Real Estate



• price pp + VAT for 1 space on the 1-day public course
(6 hrs CPD). VAT chargeable where applicable
In-house course on non-listed real estate


• In the UK a 1-Day tailor-made course is £3,000 + VAT
with any module flexibly available to include/refocus.
• Includes up to 6 attendees, additional surcharge is £55pp+VAT
• Additional charge for courses taught abroad

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