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An on-line course for those who work with valuation reports in property or for property clients and who need to understand the valuation approaches & methods, jargon and drivers per property type better, to enable better informed decision making and more confident discussions with a valuer, or help with the production and sales of valuation systems.

We explain the IVS-recognised valuation standards, the valuation methods that fall under those standards and valuation techniques or models. We make delegates comfortable with the jargon and explain the various drivers including by per property type. We use examples to bring the theory to life. The course is taught by Kaushik Shah and Philip Walker, a senior accredited and highly respected valuer.


Understanding Commercial Property Valuations

This one-day course is aimed at people who process, commission or consume commercial property valuations and who would like to understand valuation reports more fully, enable them to derive value more effectively. This course goes from macro to micro. It describes the drivers of value, distinguishing between Price, Market Value and Worth. The course explains the RICS valuation standards and guidance, how things are measured (do you know?) and describes the three valuation approaches and the five underlying valuation methods for residential and commercial. We can cover methods used in the UK and the rest of the world such as Germany.

The course explains what is usually used in what situation, and why. All the jargon you are likely to find in a valuation report is explained. We provide real-life examples to bring the valuations to life, and we work through the various valuation types, situations and property types. We finish with an outlook on how valuations are changing.

Course book provided on the day.

Taught by Philip Walker, FRICS and Kaushik Shah.

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In-House Course Understanding Valuations

Our tailor-made courses fit around what your team requires. Courses can be freely constructed from a range of available modules, or new ones can be added. Items can be discussed as in-depth as required. We pride ourselves on our real-life, hands-on experience and insight on top of the theoretical basis. This enables us to teach a vast range of topics. Enquire about a half, 1 or 2-day course. Combination with other courses such as ‘An Introduction to Property’ is possible.

Multi-buy discounts available.

Detailed course manual is supplied on the day.

To book email kaushik@propertyoverview.co.uk or call +44 (0)7722 866610

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Property Overview offers competitively priced training courses with unique practitioner-led content, which means we can tailor our on-line in-house courses around your debt or investment portfolio and the types of valuation reports you receive.

Applied, relevant content leads to greater impact and value-for-money. Pricing below is shown for on-line public courses for individual bookings (left), and for on-line or face-to-face in-house courses (right).

For bookings of 4 or more staff an in-house course is recommended, also as the content can be tailored around your needs and your products or services.

To book fill in the booking form or email kaushik@propertyoverview.co.uk

Understanding Commercial Property Valuations

£ 875pp

• Standard Price +VAT for public course
• Discounts available through SPR & IPF
for public courses.
In-House Course Understanding Valuations

£ 3,850/day

• One day course, plus VAT.
• Includes up to 6 attendees.
• £60pp/day + VAT surcharge applies thereafter.
• Multi-buy discounts are available.
• UK pricing, prices upon application for courses taught abroad.


My team and I found the in-house course Understanding Valuations very useful and the facilitator very knowledgeable and experienced. We were able to customise the training to complement our business. I recommend the Valuations course and Property Overview for anyone in the industry seeking to understand the “language and mystery” of real estate and valuations.

Thomas Ochu, Manager EMEA, Altus Analytics, Altus Group

The overview was great and provided in-depth knowledge on valuations and the industry, it definitely helps us further understand the data we work on. Thanks!

Adrian Agarpor, Associate, MSCI

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