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A 1-day intensive course for those who work in property and lack formalised property-specific training or have a one-sided background as well as those working with real estate sector clients and who are keen to understand them better. Suits those in the UK or abroad.

This engaging course provides the big picture, context and fundamentals per topic, based on the insight and experience of a seasoned and approachable real estate practitioner. We deal with all asset types, but the main focus is commercial and alternative property sectors.

We drill down where needed. We teach the fundamentals and show how everything fits together, making each attendee comfortable with lots of jargon in one engaging day. We use real examples and anecdotes to bring the theory to life, enabling attendees to relate this to their jobs.

We teach theory & practice. We only use knowledgeable, engaging, approachable and energetic trainers. A course attracting rave reviews. A fuller curriculum stretching over 1.5 or 2 days is available (see Understanding Property or you can pick modules from other courses). Both courses are available to be taught in-house as well. Trainers: Kaushik Shah (London), Alan Thompson (Edinburgh)


An Introduction to Property (1 day course)

Foundation knowledge for those working in property or with property clients at only £630pp (public course). It provides a birds-eye, measured 360° view of the property industry. It explains how it all fits together, what drives it, how things work and who does what. We get you comfortable with key bits of jargon that you are likely to come across day-to-day, related to the letting, management and investment side. Real Estate might be slow but is constantly evolving, and we provide insight into the most important trends including technology. We provide context on how property compares to stocks and bonds as an investment. The real-life case study ties everything back together. Modules in brief are:

• Property needs occupiers to thrive: why buy, why rent?
• Asset types explained
• Insight into real market drivers, market cycles & market dynamics
• Sector- and Asset-specific considerations
• Technology impacts how property is used, built, let, sold & invested in
• The traditional job roles
• Property leasing & other jargon
• The letting process, lease structures and lease events
• The investment process, -styles and -vehicles
• Investment-related jargon-busting
• Property is slow but constantly evolving
• Case study

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To book please email kaushik@propertyoverview.co.uk or fill in our booking form

See content Next Date Available: Tue 4 July or Wedn 18 Sept 2024 | C. London or online

In-house course ‘Introduction to Property’

Tailor-made foundation knowledge course for those working in property or with property clients. The course is designed by a senior practitioner with hands-on experience who understands what clients want. An extensive selection of course modules exist (check out the content of the 2-day course) and content can be created, added to or abbreviated as required, or worked around your business product.

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Property Overview offers competitively priced, effective training courses with unique practitioner-led content. Applied, relevant content leads to greater impact and value-for-money. Pricing below is shown for public courses for individual bookings, and for in-house courses. To book one or several individual places on our on-line courses, please fill in our booking form or email kaushik@propertyoverview.co.uk

For bookings of 4 or more staff an on-line in-house course is recommended, also as the content can be tailored around your needs and your products or services. This provides value for money and a more effective training course on top.

An Introduction to Property (1 day course)

£630 + VAT

• Per Person + 20% VAT
• No VAT is chargeable for courses sold to companies abroad
• Prices upon application for courses taught abroad.
In-house course ‘Introduction to Property’

£3,025 for 8 hrs, £4,240 for 1.5 days
£5,335 for 2 days


• UK VAT @ 20% where applicable
• Includes up to 6 attendees, surcharge at £60 per day or £62.5 per 1.5 days per additional attendee + VAT
• Modules can run across several days on-line, fitting into diaries better
• Prices upon application for f2f courses taught abroad


"thank you for an impressive training session – very knowledgeable, professional, and, indeed, inspiring"
"This course is so challenging to make relevant to 12 different people in 12 roles and Cleo did a great job at being agile and leaning into areas that were more relevant. Thank you!"

Ihor Marchuk, Property Manager, and Emily O'Donnell, HR Projects Coordinator, Grosvenor

Property Overview did a brilliant training program with ARGUS which I had the good fortune to attend. It was an introduction to property covering topics such as valuation and identifying investment opportunities. The trainer involved us in the training which was very interactive and subsequently helped us learn and understand the material with ease. They showed us some real-life case studies where we could apply what we learnt in the training session. The Property Overview team catered the training specifically to our team’s needs. The program was delivered with high energy, enthusiasm and humour which created a fun and collaborative atmosphere for us to learn quite in-depth material. I left with a much deeper understanding of the property market which I wouldn’t have gained from reading books. My questions were answered and I was given more information than I expected. I highly recommend Cleo and her team at Property Overview if you require any training in Commercial Real Estate.

Aaliya Ali, Technical Writer Argus Voyanta, Altus Group

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