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Corporate occupiers can be much more powerful than the landlords or investors they deal with. As long as they have a Corporate Real Estate department fighting their corner and coordinating and controlling the estate of space they occupy, whether leased or owned.

Corporate Real Estate Managers keep an eye on productivity and performance of the entire ‘estate’. Business plans take in short term tactical allocations and long-term structural plans. Corporate Real Estate Managers are essential in enabling a large corporate or governmental occupier to get the most out of the space they occupy.

This on-line course gives a solid grounding to those who work in Corporate Real Estate departments for occupiers and service / data / software providers, as well as those who work for investors and want to understand the considerations from the occupiers’ point of view (as occupiers are in fact their tenant, and their main source of income).


Understanding Corporate Real Estate

The course “Understanding Corporate Real Estate” offers a foundation knowledge course. Perfect for those working in the real estate departments of large corporate and government-related occupiers, or those working with/for Corporate Real Estate occupiers. We explain the main drivers in the property market seen from an occupier perspective.

Have you always been keen to understand better what a Corporate Property Managers does? How does this fit into the bigger picture?

What factors are most important in deciding whether to Lease or Buy? Where to locate and for how long? What factors ought to drive disposal decisions, and what drives it in reality?

Are you curious to understand what the main lease considerations are for a corporate occupier?

How do various processes work, how do you factor in strategic and tactical objectives, changes to the business plan, the economy and the business environment?

Along the way we explain lots and lots of jargon and how it all fits together.

Taught by Cléo Folkes, CEO of Property Overview.

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Understanding Corporate Real Estate

£3,025/day in-house – incl. 6 attendees

• 1-day training course, can be split over 2 half days
• 6 hours of CPD in total
• UK VAT @ 20% applies
• In-house course includes up to 6 attendees
(£60pp + VAT surcharge applies thereafter)

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