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This senior practitioner-led on-line course is aimed at c-suite/senior managers but is also suitable for junior staff keen to understand how cash flows get used higher up within the company or the various forms that cash flows can take, or service / database / software providers.

In this face-to-face course we drill down to all types of cash flows across the real estate spectrum and within the different levels within companies and by asset type. We help you get to grips with reality, and help you focus on the most important cash flow aspects across the property industry. Do you work as:

  • Board and Investment Committee Members, Managers and Team Leaders dealing in multi-asset classes as investor or manager to obtain a sound, comprehensive overview of the relevance and importance of understanding cash flow uses
  • Analysts and Associates in particular working in multi-disciplinary real estate teams engaged in investment, lending, asset management and development
  • Data, system and service providers keen to understand the various forms and uses of cash flows and its inputs across the property industry


Deeper Understanding of RE Cash Flows

Financial modelling courses only teach you formulas and basic modelling rules, providing the simplest of models for one asset type and one situation. They provide you the tools how to model, but not a deeper understanding why you model or provide you with detailed knowledge and experience on the assumptions. Cash Flows in reality vary wildly in construction and complexity. There are many types of cash flows, suited to its specific circumstance and use, and get used in different ways in decision making.

This senior-practitioner-led course is aimed at c-suite/senior managers but is also suitable for junior staff keen to understand how cash flows get used higher up within the company or the various forms that cash flows can take. This course, in brief, provides:
– a comprehensive overview of how cash flows differ across property –  applicable to a range of real estate investment deal types and asset classes such as office, shopping centres, residential (PRS), warehouse-logistics and industrial.
– context in which information derived from cash flows is used
– the contribution of cash-flow outputs in decision-making
– high-level detail of the inputs, assumptions and outputs
– sound understanding of how cash flow models enable analysis of financial statements, appraisals & risk sensitivities
– highlights good practice for cash flow model structure set-up and controls,
– highlights key metrics, terminology, etc

Detailed course manual provided on the day. This course is taught by dedicated, friendly and seasoned practitioner Kaushik Shah

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Deeper Understanding of RE Cash Flows



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Great day learning about Real Estate Cash Flows. Thanks Cleo Folkes and Kaushik Shah for a brilliant session!

Tom Berry, Senior Researcher, CBRE

The trainers on A Deeper Understanding of RE Cash Flows display amazing industry knowledge and experience to help bring the course to life. Very informative and engaging course.

Paige Slade & Rebecca Hunt, CBRE

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