Andrew Moffat is a highly respected and experienced Institutional PRS investment manager. He started in 1987 in property finance. In addition he has experience in Build-to-Rent (BTR) construction. Andrew ran an Institutional UK PRS fund at HSBC from 2002. In 2012 this fund was successfully realised. After this he joined PGIM. There he helped set up their residential development and BTR capability.

Andrew is experienced in raising funding, arranging finance, sourcing or building suitable PRS stock, managing and selling Institutional PRS stock (i.e. the exit route).

Andrew is currently active as a consultant. He also trains and coaches people in this booming but under-skilled property sector. He is enthusiastic about working in and promoting the PRS. In addition, he is keen to train up a new generation of skilled employees and investment managers in the UK Private Rented Sector.

Specialisms: UK PRS fund management & PRS investment, BTR design, BTR development, RE debt, finance & funding advice / analysis, governance, regulation & compliance, strategy, asset management, property management, consultancy.