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A 2-day dynamic course providing a solid knowledge foundation explaining the property industry. The course is for those who work with property clients or those who work in property and lack formalised property training or have a one-sided background.

The course suits those new to property as well as those who have worked in the industry for many years looking to dot the is and cross the ts, as well as broaden their knowledge base and understanding. We have taught across the ranges of age and seniority.

A senior practitioner teaches from their real-life experience using captivating examples and anecdotes. We bring theory to life!

A shorter, more general curriculum of just 1  day is available (see Introduction to Property). Both courses are available to be taught in-house as well. Trainers: Cleo Folkes (London), Alan Thompson (Edinburgh)


Understanding Property (2 day course)

This course provide a captivating overview of the property industry and teaches foundation knowledge in just 2 days. We tackle lots of jargon along the way in a very engaging manner.

This course provides a solid grounding in a great many aspects of the real estate industry. Day 1 provides foundation and leasing knowledge. We look at how companies design, build and lease-up, what drives trends and property cycles, and how things are changing within the industry. In day 2 we concentrate on the investment side and look at how companies finance, service, value and invest in real estate as well as the how and why of companies and individuals investing in certain types.

We also delve into how residential, retail, offices, industrial and other asset types differ, including across countries. The course explains the lettings and investment aspects, how it all fits together and how things work.

All is explained in context with lots of examples so delegates can relate it to their own job.

This course enables you to understand what your colleagues and clients do, what they want and the jargon they use. Real-life case studies on both days tie everything back together. See below for a brief overview of content. For full course content click the ‘see content’ button below

Day 1: Foundation & leasing knowledge
• Property needs occupiers to thrive
• Asset types
• Insight into real market drivers & dynamics
• Asset-specific considerations
• Traditional property job roles demystified
• The Property Industry is Changing
• Property Jargon
• The letting process
• How lease events differ by property type
• Case Study

Day 2: real estate investment
• How letting income translates into investment value
• Investment Jargon
• Understanding Investors
• Risks
• Investment fund structuring
• Real Estate Investment Trusts
• Real Estate Debt
• Case study

To book this course or enquire about the next course date, please email cleo@propertyoverview.co.uk or fill in our booking form

See content Next Date Available: Next Date Available: 3+4 Mar 2020 | Location: London

In-house course ‘Introduction to Property’

Tailor-made foundation knowledge course for those working in property or with property clients. The course is designed by a senior practitioner with hands-on experience who understands what clients want. An extensive selection of course modules exist (check out the content of the 2-day course) and content can be created, added to or abbreviated as required, or worked around your business product.

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Property Overview offers competitively priced training courses with unique practitioner-led content. Applied, relevant content leads to greater impact and value-for-money. Pricing below is shown for public courses for individual bookings, and for in-house courses.

For bookings of 4 or more staff an in-house course is recommended, also as the content can be tailored around your needs and your products or services.

To book one or two individual places please fill in the booking form, otherwise email cleo@propertyoverview.co.uk

Understanding Property (2 day course)

£895 + VAT

• this 2 day course attracts UK VAT
(where applicable)
• course available to be taught in-house
• prices upon application for courses taught abroad.
In-house course ‘Introduction to Property’


• Prices in order of one and two days
• Plus VAT @ 20%
• Includes up to 6 attendees, surcharge at £50pp + VAT thereafter
• Prices upon application for courses taught abroad


"This two-day course is good value for money and a good introduction to the main aspects of real estate as an asset class for beginners with various backgrounds. It is taught by two experienced professionals in this field who know what areas to focus on for attendees to get the most of it."

Tristan Camp - Investment Specialist, Legg Mason Global Asset Management

"Property Overview provided 'an Introduction to Property' course to our team of researchers, senior directors and sales and marketing professionals. We covered a lot of ground in one day and were delighted with the quality of the course. It was particularly helpful to be able to work with the tutors beforehand to tailor the content to our employees’ learning needs. As a result of this course our team can now better understand and address our customers’ needs and, in turn, target and communicate with them more effectively. Many thanks!"

Mark Bruno - Managing Director - Datscha UK